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What are Eagles SBLs (Stadium Builder Licenses)?An SBL (Stadium Builder License) is a license that must be purchased for some of the best lower level, club level and upper level seating areas at Lincoln Financial Field in order to become a season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Eagles.  An SBL owner has the right to purchase season tickets from the ticket office each year.
Why buy SBLs on the Marketplace?In order to purchase season tickets for some of the best lower level seats, club seats, and upper level seats, you are required to purchase SBLs, but the Ticket Office is often sold out.  You can purchase SBLs from a current season ticket holder and become the new season ticket holder for all future seasons, subject to the terms of the applicable Ticket Agreement.

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Seating Area
100 Level Midfield A
100 Level Midfield B
100 Level Midfield C
100 Level Sideline
100 Level Corner
100 Level End Zone
200 Level Loge Midfield
200 Level Loge Sideline
200 Level Loge Corner
200 Level Loge End Zone
NE Terrace 1

Benefits to Owning a Philadelphia Eagles SBL
  • Ability to sell and transfer your Stadium Builder Licenses using the Philadelphia Eagles SBL Marketplace
  • Same seats for every preseason and regular season home game
  • Exclusive rights to purchase home playoff tickets for your seats

What is a Ticket Agreement?Seats in the lower level and upper level require a Ticket Agreement. During the term of the Ticket Agreement, you are obligated to purchase the season tickets each year. The Ticket Office establishes the price of the season tickets each year. A new owner of a lower level or upper level Stadium Builder License will be required to assume the Ticket Agreement.

Seating Area
SBL Club Midfield
SBL Club Sideline

What is a Club Seat License Agreement?Seats in the Club Level require Club Seat License Agreements. During the term of the Club Seat License Agreement, you are obligated to purchase the season tickets each year or you must transfer your SBLs and Club Seat License Agreement to someone else. In some cases Club Seat License Agreements come with price protection, meaning that your season ticket price is fixed for a certain number of years, whereby your season ticket price cannot increase by more than a certain percentage each year. A new owner of a Club Seat location will be required to assume the current Club Seat License Agreement. The terms of the current Club Seat License Agreement for a listing are detailed on the Listing Information page.

Non-Club Parking Passes
Parking Passes are NOT transferable in non-club SBL seating areas.

Club Parking PassesIf you received a parking pass or passes with your club seat license agreement and wish to transfer to a single Transferee all of the club seat SBLs that relate to the club seat licensed under that agreement, your parking pass or passes will automatically be transferred to the Transferee pursuant to the term of the Club Seat License Agreement. If you have SBLs for more than one club seat, and are not transferring all of those SBLs to the same Transferee, one parking pass will be transferred for every two club seats transferred. Parking passes are only issued to club seat license holders and cannot be transferred separately.

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